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Hey it isn't Friday... Yet! But since you're here, check out what we are giving away Friday 2/15.

What can we say! You voted and we deliver!  It's the big "Big Bang" giveaway, two bobble heads, two t shirts, and two complete seasons on DVD.  If you're a Big Bang Theory fan this Freebie Friday is a must enter and if you want we'll play you "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock."  Just know, I still can't give the sign for Spock as my pinky will not stay straight.  Now that I said that, I wonder how many of you are doing the sign right now. Ha! BAZINGA!

Hi there. We hope you are enjoying our contest!
Here at KFOX14, we go through a lot to get just the right combination of items to give away.  Literally, we have office fights with pens being thrown and flying paper snowballs.  So after most of us went home with several unexplained paper cuts, we decided to ask ourselves, what would Homer do?  Then it hits us, he'd be lazy and have you do it.  So, we want to hear from you.  Tell us what you'd like to see us giveaway.  If you keep your suggestions to FOX specific shows you'll see it featured on the next "Freebie Friday."  Send your suggestions to lonnie.valencia@kfoxtv.com.  Muah hah hah! He's going to love all your emails!

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Freebie Friday 2/15

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